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Vnukovo Airport

Vnukovo airport in Moscow has become more convenient for hearing-impaired people. In order to enhance the quality of service inghandicapped people Aurica has equipped several information counters of the airport with induction panels that allow hearing-impaired people to communicate with airport staff even in very noisy conditions.

The operating principle of the panel is as follows: the speaker’s voice is received by the microphone (built-in or remote one) of the panel. Then by means of the amplifier and the built-in transmitting induction coil it is transformed into an electromagnetic field around the panel that is received by the induction coil of the hearing aid.The user just has to switch his hearing aid into T-mode and set it to a comfortable level volume. Many modern hearing aids switch into T-mode automatically.

For the convenience of passengers the area within the range of induction panel is marked with special signs.

The management of Vnukovo airport has signed an association agreement with the Russian Deaf Society. Now the parties to the agreement are going to work together to create comfortable travelling conditions for handicapped people. Under the five-year agreement the parties commit themselves to cooperation aimed at providing through Vnukovo airport passenger operations of enhanced quality and accessibility for handicapped passengers, TVC television channel reports.

Vasiliy Aleksandrov, the general manager of the airport, says that the management is going to closely cooperate with the association of the disabled, as there exist a number of nuances that healthy people may just not be aware of, Interfax reports.