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Technical Features

One of the undisputed advantages of the Dialogue FM-system is that one transmitter can be connected to an unlimited number of receivers. It significantly facilitates the process of learning both at regular schools, where only one student in the class might be hearing-impaired, and at specialized schools for deaf and hearing-impaired students.

The Dialogue FM-system is easy to adjust and use. By turning a control knob clockwise the user can turn it on and off as well as adjust the volume. The user can choose the comfortable volume level– high, medium or low – by means of an Aux sound regulator. As the Dialogue FM-system has anAux 3,5 mm output, it can be connected to loudspeakers or amplifiers to transmit sound programs in large halls.

Mono- or stereo-earphones or an induction loop (for hearing aid users) can also be used to receive the signal. The information concerning battery charge and transmission channel is shown on an LCD screen with big bright symbols. The symbols on the LCD screen of the transmitter are the same as on the screen of the receiver.

The range of the Dialogue  FM-system  when used indoors is up to 35 m, outdoors - over 150 m.



Power is supplied from an internal source of direct current of 2.4—3.1 W (two AAA batteries, either disposable or rechargeable).