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Modification 2

This modification of Vibraton Lux includes a wireless stationary receiver (a light display with a stroboscope) with a remote vibration pillow (1 and 2), a phone call sensor (3), an emergency signal sensor (4) and a doorbell button (5).













The principle of operation of Vibraton Lux in this packaging arrangement is the same as in Modification 1, but the incoming signal goes to the light display that uses pictogram images for alarming. When a signal comes through, an LED goes on over the corresponding pictogram and the stroboscope starts signaling with bright light impulses.

It is also possible to connect a remote vibration pillow to the light display. The pillow uses strong vibration to wake up the hotel guest in the case of an emergency, a phone call or a door call.

All signals are transmitted to the receiver wirelessly, which means that there is no need to re-equip the rooms or to spoil its interior.