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Perfomance principle

Induction loop system is a simple and profitable auxiliary device for using in public places as well as at home use aimed at social adaptation of the hearing-impaired people and making their lives better.

The loop amplifier is connected to the source of sound. In this case to a TV-set. The amplifier converts the signal into current creating magnetic field. The telecoil in the hearing aid receives the magnetic field which is later converted into a sound signal.

A hearing aid has an inboard telecoil which allows working in two modes: Microphone (M) and Telecoil (T). Some hearing aids have MT mode which allows receiving both the signals from the microphone and from a telecoil simultaneously. While using the T mode a person can block all surrounding sounds and noise and can only hear the signal from the loop system.

System’s advantages.

Induction loop system is the only auxiliary hearing device for which world standard exists.

  1. It is the only system which doesn’t require an additional receiver or a headphone from the user.

  2. The system doesn’t require additional energy consumption from the hearing aid.

  3. The induction loop system is easy to use and can be easily mounted in any room.

  4. The system can be used either in public places (theatres, banks, schools etc.) or at home.

  5. The induction loop system is safe for people and environment.