Auriсa invites partners to visit the IRAN HEALTH exhibition in Tehran


The XXIII International Exhibition IRAN HEALTH in Tehran from 24-27 May This is the main platform for foreign medical manufacturers, serving as a showcase for products and services of the world's leading companies on an international level. Exhibitors will present new products in the field of medical devices and services, laboratory and hospital equipment, pharmaceutical products, etc. The Russian company

Take care of your hearing to hear all your life!


This is the slogan that World Hearing Day is being held under today, on March 3rd. The World Health Organization emphasizes the importance of safe listening as a means of maintaining healthy hearing throughout life. We remind you that a

Aurica hearing aids are in high esteem at Arab Health 2022


Representatives of Aurica participated in the Arab Health 2022 healthcare expo at the end of January in Dubai. The Russian Export Center presents a joint Russian exposition at ​​500 square meters, including the achievements of 29 best domestic medical product

Career route in the system of commercial and organizational strategy of the “Hearing Academy” group


The "Hearing Academy" group is the leader of the domestic hearing care market in terms of efficiency, if only slightly inferior in geographical coverage to its older and, of course, respected rival. One of the main problems faced by all

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