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Cross the Counter Loop

Cross the Counter Systems are complete induction loop systems for installation at the information and reception desks, supermarket cashiers and ticket booths. All systems include induction loop amplifier, microphone and loop pad. When installed the systemsgrant the hearing aid users the opportunity to communicate with the staff with high speech perception.

Loop For House Hold

Loop For House Hold has a built-in automatic scart control which is easily connected to the scart output of your TV. The autoscart function is needed whenever you have one or more signal sources (digibox, VHS etc.) connected to the TV it secures the right sound in the loop.

If you have several signal sources, make sure they are all connected sequentially. All except for the last unit have to have double scart connectors. In case when a sequential connection is not possible a microphone (accessory) can be connected to the loop amplifier and attached to your TV’s speaker grid.

Place the loop pad in your favourite chair and tune your hearing aid into T-position. For coverage of a larger area a sofa loop (accessory) can be connected to the amplifier instead of the loop pad. Thanks to the built-in level control Loop For House Hold delivers a very smooth and pure sound

Portable Loop

This compact portable loop system is very easy to use and can operate in rooms of various sizes up to 150 square metres.

Portable Loop is a case with an advanced yet compact loop amplifier. The case is equipped with a built-in induction loop amplifier and a 35m loop wire dispenser. The case can be supplied with a built-in wireless microphone system with several different types of microphones. A stable sound with high speech perception even in difficult sound environments is provided owing to innovational technologies.

The case is ready to go for quickand easy set up in the room and is practical to use for example around the conference table or in a conference room during lectures or meetings.


Different types of noises in a vehicle make communication for the hearing-impaired people difficult. That’s where the AUTO Loop helps. It is equipped with a pad, a loop and 2 microphones for listening to the radio and communication with the fellow passenger.