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Modification 1

This  modification of Vibraton Lux includes a wireless stationary receiver(alarm clock with light indicator)with a remote vibration pillow (1 and 2), a phone call sensor (3), an emergency signal sensor (4) and a doorbell button (5).














The phone call and emergency sensors are connected to the phoneline and to the hotel emergency warning system and are activated if a respective signal comes through.

The doorbell button is installed at the room entrance, near the door.

When a sensor signal comes to the stationary receiver(the clock), its light indicator starts flashing and the LCD screen shows the information about the incoming signal source(door, phone, alarm) in Russian. The letters on the screen and the light signal of the indicator are clearly visible with any lighting.

If a vibration pillow is connected to the clock, the signal coming from one of the sensors will make it vibrate. This function can be very important if an emergency situation takes place at night, when the guest can’t see the light signal. The strong vibration coming from the pillow will wake him or her up, thus allowing to react promptly to the emergency warning.

All signals are transmitted to the receiver wirelessly, which means that there is no need to re-equip the rooms or spoil the interior.