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200 лет акустическому производству в Туле

Оружие, аналогов которому нет во всем мире; уникальные самовары, незабываемые на вкус пряники, превосходные мелодичные гармони, высокоточные приборы и механизмы… Все эти понятия объединяет одно слово: Тула. Здесь испокон веков живут настоящие умельцы, которым под силу любые задачи. Здесь хранят мастеровые традиции прошлого, преумножая славу предков и создавая новые современные производства. Подробнее >>>

Слуховые аппараты «Аурика» настроены на русскую речь!

В российской компании «Аурика» провели исследования, которые позволяют утверждать, что для достижения оптимального результата слуховой аппарат может и должен соответствовать ментальности русского человека и должен быть настроенным именно на русскую речь. Читать дальше >>>

10 PRO’s of using two hearing aids


1. Precise sound localization. When hearing aids are used in binaural way, its very easy to pinpoint the sound source

Suzdal invites audiologists for a congress


September 10-12 is a time for 8th National Audiologists Congress and 12th international "Modern hearing physiology and pathology problems" simposium,

Aurica Group has developed a new fitting software – “Atlas”


"Atlas" – is a tool for fitting digital hearing aids. Software features sleek laconic design and intuitive interface. "Atlas" FS

Aurica. Helping everyone hear.


Being a socially responsible company, in 2016 Aurica Group has founded "Aurica. Helping everyone hear." charity fund. The fund’s mission

Picture of a hearing impaired person: statistics


Aurica Ltd. has conducted a large-scale monitoring of a "typical patient" and, based on the collected data, generalized the common

Aurica is getting closer New opportunities for your business


Dear partners, We are happy to inform you that we’ve opened Aurica warehouse is Estonia. Now we are one step


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Give the opportunity to hear

Social support program and protection of people with hearing impairment. Charitable programs for the restoration and protection of hearing.


Aurica Hearing Aids Let’s hear together!

OUR MISSION: We help people to improve their live and enjoy communication by producing products and providing services of exceptional quality.

OUR STRATEGY: Effective development in all areas of hearing care.

Global Sales Aurica Group is constantly developing and entering new markets of hearing aids all over the world. Successful international partnership is one of our key goals.

OUR PRODUCT FAMILIES HEARING AIDS Aurica offers solutions at different levels of technology — from small analog up to 16-channel fully digital hearing aids. Read More >>>