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Vibraton Lux for emergency information in hotels

The goals set by the “Freindly environment” state program include, among others, “increasing the number of tourist facilities accessible to the disabled” as well as “equipping places open to public with state-of-art technological devices including rehabilitation devices”.

In the framework of this program Aurica suggests equipping hotels, mini-hotels, sanatoriums and other tourist and health-improving facilities with Vibraton Lux emergency signaling light and vibration systems for deaf and hearing-impaired people.

A person with a hearing loss can’t be informed about a fire (or any other emergency situation) in the regular way. Neither can he hear the phone ringingor the doorbell. That is why we have developed Vibraton Lux – a system meant to facilitate the perception of information by hearing-impaired people.

Vibraton Lux uses visual and tactile signals to inform a guest with a partial or complete hearing loss about an emergency situation, a visitor at the door or a phone call.

The system comes in 3 modifications.