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Operation Principle

Dialogue FM – system consists of a wireless radio transmitter with a microphone and a wireless receiver.

This is how the system is used, for example, in teaching process.

The transmitter with a microphone is attached by means of a clip to the teacher’s clothes, 15-20 cm from his or her lips.

The receiver is attached to the clothes of the student or placed into his or her pocket. The receiver is connected to a magnetic emitter – a miniature induction loop.

The teacher’s voice is transmitted to the receiver after passing through the microphone. to receive a signal, the student’s hearing aid must be set into T or MT mode.

The system is absolutely wireless, no wires are used to connect the hearing aid to the receiver or the magnetic emitter, which is very important when workingwith hearing-impaired children.

When the hearing aid is on T (induction coil) mode, the student will hear only the teacher’s words, without being hampered by the distance to the teacher and the noise in the room. When the hearing aid is on MT (microphone-inductioncoil) mode, the student will be able to hear the teacher, other students and himself.