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Modification 3

This modification of Vibraton Lux system comes with a light-signal receiver (1) and a remote vibration pillow (2) connected by wires to the telephone line and the hotel emergency warning system. A wireless bell-button is also available in this modification (3).

Principle of operation

When the phone or the door-bell rings or the hotel emergency warning goes off, a light indicator turns on as well as many-colored LEDs corresponding to the type of the incoming signal.

It is also possible to connect a remote vibration pillow to the light-signal receiver. The pillow uses strong  vibration to wake up the hotel guest in the case of emergency, phone call or door call.

One of the main advantages of this modification of Vibraton Lux is its attractive price; on the other hand, in this modification the system has to be connected through wires, which means extra expenses and the necessity to spoil the room’s interior.