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Reabilitation Equipment

Hearing plays a very special role in peoples life. Thanks to our ability to perceive acoustic vibrations we can orient ourselves in the world around us and become aware of danger in good time.

Modern world has made the ability to perceive sounds even more important: the growing tempo and eventfulness of life make it necessary to respond to them immediately. 

Besides, we are living in a society that relies heavily on continuous information exchange. And if a person is unable to assimilate incoming information in time many possibilities of our dynamic world automatically go out of his reach. For a hearing-impaired person the challenge of living in the modern world does not limit itself by the need to constantly ask the interlocutor to repeat. It becomes  a non-stop stress, a psychological steeplechase, so to say. In order to sort out the flow of sounds a hearing-impaired person needs to be in constant strain.

Difficulty can be caused by any routine task – such as answering a phone call. A hearing-impaired person may fail to notice such important sounds as the alarm clock or doorbell, dripping water, the steps of a person coming into the room, crying of the baby, a car horn etc.

Of course, the diversity of hearing aids in most cases allows to compensate for the hearing loss. At the same time it is clear that one can’t wear a hearing aid all the time. The ear gets tired from prolonged contact with a foreign object – be it even the most sophisticated and comfortable device – and the user has to take it off – at least, when at home. Besides, most hearing aids do not provide adequate sound quality in talking over the telephone, listening to radio or TV programmes.

The problem of perceiving important sounds of everyday life acquires even greater importance for people with severe hearing losses that cannot be corrected without a hearing aid. Fortunately, today almost all of these problems can be more or less adequately resolved with the help of rehabilitation equipment.

Physically challenged people can make avail of various sophisticated devices aimed at facilitating information perception.