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Aurica took part in a conference of surdologists in Armenia

On November 19, the annual scientific-practical conference organized by Armenian Association of Surdologists was held in Yerevan. Representatives from Russia and Austria together with local specialists took part in the event. This year's conference was mainly devoted to ear diseases and the latest methods of diagnosis and surgical treatment.

Aurica Ltd. has introduced its own innovative development, the Atom hearing aids - digital programmable hearing aids with direct audio streaming that provide high quality sound and user comfort.

Maxim Murzinov, CEO of Aurica Ltd., also presented at the conference and noted that Atom hearing aids will be available at "Academia of Hearing" - Aurica's retail chain of hearing care centers in Armenia and other countries of the CIS. In addition, according to Mr. Murzinov, next year the company plans to expand its retail chain and open three more centers in Yerevan and two more in other major cities of Armenia.

Armine Martirosyan, director of "Academia of Hearing" in Armenia and a part-time otorhinolaryngologist, also participated in the conference.  She noted the center's important role in diagnosing hearing loss and providing hearing services to adults and children. "We carry out various diagnostic activities in order to identify hearing pathologies promptly and timely, we take into account the experience of foreign colleagues, we use the latest technologies in working with patients. "Academia of Hearing" offers a wide range of hearing aids and hearing accessories," added Armine Martirosyan.