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The individual ear mold is a simple decision of the complicate problems as well the customer as the seller

According to the statistics of Aurica the sound-conduction damage of the conventional and individual ear molds is the second common cause of the customers complains concerning the malfunction of the hearing aid.

The general mudding of the hearing aids is the trigger of the exploiting conditions of the ear mold and is set to the first place of the complaining cause.

Conservative organs of the social handicapped protection acknowledge the critical importance of the ear molds during the electro-acoustic hearing correction. Regularly the completions take place at full swing in order to purchase the individual ear mold for the registered persons of the state.

They should accept the position of the state concerning the issue, which contributed to a full –rate infrastructure by using the high-tech 3 D prints. The specialists of the company Aurica accepted the world experience 5 years ago and built the autoplastic laboratory with capacity of 50 thousand earing molds. The laboratory consisted of three modern 3 D-printers and 15 scanners, installed not only in the RF but also in the CIS. During which time the company produced more than 150 thousand of ready articles including not only inner-ear devices but also the musical monitors for the pop stars. The satisfaction rate of the consumers amounted to 95% and the terms of the production cycle totaled to two days. The success cause is the information system of the own production including the bureau of the consumer claims and its routing among the participants, informing the users, data change with 3 D-printers.

The high rates of the consumer service coincide with high rates of the economic efficiency, because the material expenditure control and machine hours run directly through the software of 3 D printers.

Such access allows offering the final consumers the maximum profitable prices and reducing the friction by refusal of the conventional ear molds.

The company Aurica made three years ago a revolutionary step and offered the free production of the individual earing mold to their partners, bulk customers in case of buying of any hearing aid of our enterprise. There were many critics even inside of our organization.

-The final consumers do not need that, our producers cannot make ear molds, and you cannot cope with this volume. However, the attained results astonished and inspired everybody. Sixty percent of the final consumers who received a free ear mold returned after an year to buy a new hearing aid. Thanks to that, the company Aurica and our partners established warm friendly relations with the final consumer who purchased not one hearing aid but many ones, not one ear mold but many ones. However, we in their turn saved a lot of money for advertisement, discounts and gained a secure monetary flow in the future.

Michael Siminovskiy, the candidature of the economic sciences, director executive of the ООО Aurica,

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