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Picture of a hearing impaired person: statistics

Aurica Ltd. has conducted a large-scale monitoring of a "typical patient" and, based on the collected data, generalized the common information about hearing impaired people. The analysis of clients’ data from retail network has been transformed into a wholesome portrait of hearing aid purchasing person.

About 10% of population in Russia are hearing impaired. That’s roughly 14.6 million people which includes 220.000 people officially registered as hearing handicapped.

According to our data, women purchase hearing aids and accessories 26% more often than men. The reasons are simple: women generally are more responsible where their health is concerned and also women more frequently take care for the elder family members.

78% customers purchase hearing aids and accessories in the city they live in. Retail hearing stores generally do their business in the cities with population of at least 200.000 people: that is why small town folk or rural area residents need to travel to both hearing professional and hearing aid store. That’s quite a task for the elderly people so there is a chance that some patients are simply not accounted for.

68% of the customers are retirees with their pension being the only source of income. This applies several limitations: being dependant on relatives’ opinion and financial support, preferring cheaper solutions, difficult to travel without relatives’ support. 56% customers who visited haering professional while accompanied by the relatives, who provide both moral and financial support.

Roughly half the respondents mention that their relatives’ influence affected the decision to buy a hearing aid.

Only 28% customers use two hearing aids on a daily basis while only for 28% of those second hearing aid is really necessary. 72% clients refuse to purchase second hearing aid even with it being necessary.

Vast majority (87%) admit that they experience no more communication issues with their friends and relatives — and this is the most important change a hearing aid has brought them.