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Take care of your hearing to hear all your life!

This is the slogan that World Hearing Day is being held under today, on March 3rd. The World Health Organization emphasizes the importance of safe listening as a means of maintaining healthy hearing throughout life.

We remind you that a year ago the WHO presented the World Hearing Report, which noted an increase in the number of people at risk of hearing loss or already suffering from it. The report emphasized that one of the seven most important components of the H.E.A.R.I.N.G. is noise control, and the need to reduce exposure to loud sounds was also noted.

World Hearing Day 2022 will be held under the slogan "Protect your hearing for a lifetime of hearing" and will focus on methods to prevent hearing loss through safe listening, including the following key points:

  • taking care for your ear and hearing health can help keep your hearing healthy throughout your life;

  • many common causes of hearing loss can be prevented, including exposure to loud noises;

  • adhering to safe listening practices reduces the risk of hearing loss associated with exposure to loud sounds during recreational activities;

  • WHO calls on national governments, industry partners, and civil society to raise awareness of and efforts to promote evidence-based standards implementing safe listening practices.

The events are aimed at the regional administrative bodies, owners and managers of entertainment establishments, and general population, especially young people.

In addition, the release of the Global Standard for Safe Listening in Entertainment Places, the "mSafeListening" guide to safe listening, and a toolkit for media journalists will also coincide with World Hearing Day.