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Dear partners! Happy World Hearing Day!

On March, 03rd, the World Hearing Day is held under the World Health Organization to increase the social awareness on hearing impairment and deafness and to improve hearing care all around the world. Aurica Ltd. being the leader of Russian hearing aid and rehabilitation devices manufacturing congratulates everyone on the Hearing Day and reminds you to protect your hearing and perform regular hearing diagnostics.

For many years Aurica Ltd. has been providing people with new quality of life, new world sensation filled with easy and joyful communication. Our goal is rehabilitation of hearing-impaired with hearing aids — wearable digital acoustic device, and creation of new state-of-the-art products.

The motto of the Hearing Day in 2021 is "Hearing care for everyone! Screening. Rehabilitation. Communication". The International hearing report is calling to act on hearing loss and hearing diseases through one’s entire life.

In the day of healthy hearing we express special gratitude to our business partners, hearing professionals, and every single specialist out there bringing people their hearing back! We urge everyone to take their hearing seriously and to care for it. Keep your hearing out of harm’s way and don’t hesitate to act should something be wrong with it.