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Auriсa invites partners to visit the IRAN HEALTH exhibition in Tehran

The XXIII International Exhibition IRAN HEALTH in Tehran from 24-27 May

This is the main platform for foreign medical manufacturers, serving as a showcase for products and services of the world's leading companies on an international level. Exhibitors will present new products in the field of medical devices and services, laboratory and hospital equipment, pharmaceutical products, etc.

The Russian company Aurica, one of the leaders in hearing care in Russia, will also present its products. This year it will present ATOM wireless hearing aids and JET in-the-ear hearing aids. «We continue to work actively towards designing and producing modern hearing aids» - said Maxim Murzinov, Director General of Aurica.

«This year we plan to triple production and produce 300,000 hearing aids. Of course, the situation in the market has become more difficult due to the departure of a number of foreign suppliers. This situation only motivates us to develop and increase our turnover. «Aurica invites foreign partners who are interested in long-term mutually beneficial relations» - Maxim Murzinov added.
IRAN HEALTH has been held annually since 1989. After a two-year hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic, it will reopen its doors to exhibitors and guests.

«Aurica invites partners to visit the company's stand and learn about the products developed for hearing-impaired patients around the world».