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Aurica's corporate values as a foundation for sustainable and inclusive growth

In 2020 the world leader in sociological research, the Gallup Institute, published disappointing data: about 85% of all employees are not motivated to work and it's not only because of money. According to another study, the millennial generation in the US can accept their wages lower by $7,600 a year if that would be offset with friendly and positive corporate culture, career opportunities, and other quality of life improvements.

To this end, more companies around the world understand the necessity to form a corporate culture as the basis for team building, professional and personal development of employees, improved motivation, and general labor productivity.

The foundation for corporate culture is corporate values – significant beliefs and principles stated in standards and rules of conduct that are generally accepted and shared by the employees. Just as personal values shape the culture of an individual, corporate values shape the culture of a company.

Over the years Aurica team has developed principles that we consider basic for successful development and effectiveness. The cornerstone rule, the starting point of our business and the guarantee of inclusivity, is the kindness and employees’ ability to transfer it to our customers and partners.

The race of kindness.

Before you start working with the hearing impaired people ask yourself: "How would I like myself or my loved ones to be treated?" We listen carefully to everyone, accept their problems as our own, doing whatever it takes to help people find good hearing and a new quality of life.

According to "ECOPSY Consulting" research, the personnel management consulting company, the inconsistency of the corporate culture with the actual business requirements will reduce the likelihood of successful organizational transformations by up to 10 times and it is the main obstacle to the strategy implementation. That is why

when changing the world one should start with oneself.

Each person is a part of a larger world around them. We change our attitude towards work, set new goals, help and support others. We are each an example of change for others, and together we change the world around us.

In 2021, the world leader in management consulting, McKinsey, conducted a study with the following results: 53% of employers claim they face increase in staff turnover, and 64% expect the situation to get even worse. A detailed survey of retired employees revealed three main reasons for job change: 54% said that their companies did not appreciate them, 52% said their superiors did not appreciate them, 51% did not feel like they belonged in their companies. In our company, we must not forget:

together we are not summarized but multiplied.

All employees are united by a common cause and a common goal. We do not waste time on empty talk and conflicts. We devote our energy to helping clients and solving their problems.

In 2015, the United Nations General Assembly endorsed the Sustainable Development Goals — a set of 17 cross-related targets — as a "blueprint for a better and sustainable future for everyone". Thus the term "sustainable growth" has appeared in the agendas of many companies - growth as a progressive, conscious, supported movement forward. That is why we adopted the principle of

repeating without repetition.

We are constantly improving the quality of services provided, goods sold and developing new approaches to adaptation and rehabilitation of hearing impaired people. Every day we become better than yesterday. We do not rest on our laurels, and our partners and clients know it.

Nielsen, a global leading marketing strategy consultant, found in their research that a mere 1% increase in brand awareness and attention from buyers translates into a 1% increase in sales. Given this direct relationship, we recognize that

our clients are our reflection.

Only they can tell if we are working good enough. Everyone is ready to take the lead if the clients need it.

Corporate values are not just a bunch of rules written on a piece of paper. They are the company’s way of life. The specific behavior accepted by all employees. Both employees and clients always prefer to deal with companies whose values coincide with their own. Well-defined values help companies to determine the way to go and build a sustainable reputation. They set the tone for customer interactions, help sell products, and help make important decisions.

Mikhail Siminovski, PhD (Economics), executive director, Aurica Ltd.,

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