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Aurica participates in annual National Audiologists congress

The 9th National Audiologists congress and 13th international symposium "Modern problems in physiology and hearing pathologies", both dedicated to current issues of prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of hearing impairments began in Suzdal, Russia. As usual, Aurica team participated.

The congress & symposium agenda, among others, consist of participants’ reports on the industry’s most relevant areas. The main of which is the discussion of the World Hearing Report from March, 2021.

Within the congress Aurica team presented their new product — ATOM hearing aids with wireless connectivity. These advanced pieces of tech feature not allow only binaural fit, but also wireless connection to control the hearing aids.

2.4GHz connection enables full smartphone compatibility for iOS and Android alike. With the intuitive UI of the Aurica Atlas smartphone app even the uninitiated user can quickly get up to speed and control their hearing aid settings like a pro.