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Aurica Doremi hearing aids have received CE certification

Aurica, a leading Russian manufacturer of hearing aids, has received a CE certificate for a bone-anchored device on a soft AURICA DOREMI headband.

The official document confirms that all products corresponds to the adopted rules and standards of the European Union. AURICA DOREMI Certified hearing aid specially designed for young patients, is a bone-anchored device on a soft headband!

Depth of audial comprehension is determined by air and bone sound conduction. In some cases, with certain hearing loss types require using air-conduction hearing aids to deliver amplified sounds into the ear.

In some cases, when patients suffer from atresia of auditory canals, purulent otitis, inflammations, conductive hearing loss or with younger patients, there is a better solution:  bone conduction hearing aids.

A bone-anchored device on a soft AURICA DOREMI headband has been developed specially for the young patients. Small transducer is held on a soft headband and thus firmly adjoins a child's head. Constant wearing of the soft headband hearing aid stimulates hearing and helps develop communication skills all day long.

Equal pressure distribution around wearer’s head is a key to developing a proper soft headband. Headband is soft, elastic and adjustable, so it can fit even an infant. Adaptation to soft headband is quick and comfortable.

Optional features:

-          AUX IN for external audio sources

-          External Bluetooth module (connected via AUX IN)

-          Personal induction neckloop to listen to external audio in "T" mode

-          Personal external Bluetooth induction neckloop for wireless connection to external audio sources and listening via " T " mode

-          Built-in module for remote wireless control by CA modes

-          Personal module for wireless audio transmission to CA from external audio devices