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Hearing aid batteries directly from Estonian

Dear partners!

Onе of the leading hearing aid & accessories manufacturer, Aurica Ltd., is now another step closer. We have established a warehouse in Estonia and now our delivery time is even shorter. Learn about wholesale prices, MSRPs, and other bonuses via email:

Throughout the entire hearing aid history battery life time has been an important issue for both hearing aid users and hearing professionals. This is something battery manufacturers take into account. Among the batteries we offer there are Aurica and Rayovac batteries of all types.

 - Rayovac batteries offer unparallelled power, long battery life and environmental safety.
- Rayovac batteries are acclaimed as one of the best for hearing aids.
- They are manufactured for use in modern power-consuming hearing aids.
- Rayovac professionals are the acknowledged founders of some technologies for device quality improvement.


- Aurica batteries' quality has already been admired by many hearing aid users.
- Improved ventilation system, modified structure, attractive design,
and reasonable pricing all make these batteries one of the most demanded
in the hearing prosthetics market.


All of these hearing aid batteries are zinc-air - way more environment-friendly than mercury or silver oxide batteries. Made in Great Britain!


Please keep in mind that a small battery can go a long way in terms of hearing aid performance and longevity. Low-end and counterfeit products may not only cost your client sound and hearing aid performance, but also a hearing aid itself! Choose your batteries wisely. Go for reliable brands.

As soon as your client removes protective film from the "+" side of the zinc-air battery, the power element inside begins to activate. Zinc engages in the reaction with the oxygen, coming through the tiny holes in the housing and once this reaction starts, there's no way to stop it. Make sure you only remove the protective film right before you put the battery into your hearing aid.