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10 PRO's of using two hearing aids

1. Precise sound localization.
When hearing aids are used in binaural way, its very easy to pinpoint the sound source and distance to it.

2. Better sound quality.
This one you will especially appreciate when in noisy environment or when talking to several people at once.

3. Less feedback.
When hearing aids are used in binaural way each hearing aid needs less gain, which reduces the chances of whistling feedback.

4. Reducing the "head shadow" effect.
"Head shadow" effect means that when a person is only using a hearing aid on one ear, high-frequency sounds coming from the other side of a head are dampened by 12-15 dB, which impacts the speech comprehension. This is especially important when suffering from high-frequency hearing loss.

5. Better signal/noise ratio.
Modern digital noise reduction and speech intelligibility algorhytms provide the best effect.

6. Expanding dynamic range.
Dynamic range is expanded by binaural summary, so its easier to fit the "speech banana" into the hearing aids' total dynamic range.

7. Reducing or removing ear noise.
Studies indicate that about 50% of people notice improvement when they start using two hearing aids.

8. Lower impact to the hearing system.
Using hearing aids binaurally allows to strain the hearing system less, thus allowing to keep and rebuild the ability to actively analyze sound signals (speech intelligibility).

9. Shorter adaptation period.
When using hearing aids for the first time as well as when switching from analog circuit to digital hearing aids some time is necessary to get used to the new feelings. Using two hearing aids allows to shorten this time.

10. More comfort in complex acoustic environments.
As binaural users indicate, their hearing is less strained in complex acoustic environments.