Using Hearing Aid Correctly

It is very important to choose a hearing aid properly and adjust it according to the user’s personal needs to compensate the hearing loss successfully. This is a task for a specialist. But the result of the hearing aid’s performance depends on the user much.

Choosing a Hearing Aid

Every person with hearing impairment quite naturally wishes to return to normal life free from any physical or psychological discomfort. Of course even the use of most advanced developments in the sphere of audiology cannot help a person suffering from a hearing impairment completely forget

Useful Information

The sense of hearing is very important in every person’s life. Unlike other analyzers – olfactory, visual, haptic and taste ones – the auditory analyzer is capable of passing to the brain the information on the features of objects, located not only close to the

Structure of Ear

To better understand the mechanism and the varied causes of hearing loss, one needs to have a notion about the structure of the hearing organ. Human auditory analyzer is the most complicated system comprising three parts — outer ear, middle ear и inner ear. The function

Hearing loss

There exist several types of hearing loss. Depending on the part of the auditory analyzer that has been affected, specialists differentiate conductive, sensorineural (or perceptive) and mixed hearing loss. Conductive hearing loss is a hearing impairment caused by some kind of obstruction on the way of sound from the outer ear

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