The Aurica Times

In 2011 Aurica started publishing its own newspaper «The Aurica Times».

The authors of the newspaper pursue two major goals: first, to tell their readers about the most current trends in hearing loss correction and the newest products in this sphere; second, to provide them with information about modern technologies that allow hearing-impaired people to lead a full life without feeling disadvantaged.

Unfortunately, people in our country still know very little about hearing loss correction – for instance, about special auxiliary devices that can facilitate the life of a hearing-impaired person as well as the life of his or her family, friends and colleagues. We hope we can make some difference by publishing our newspaper and telling all the details about everything that can help people with hearing losses.

We are open to all kinds of suggestions concerning the content of our newspaper and subjects that you would like to read about.

You can forward your questions and suggestions to our e-mail or to the following address: P.O. box 1846, Tula, 300026, Russia.