Ion bombardment cleans surfaces physically (sputtering) and, depending on the gas, also chemically. The contamination is vaporized and sucked away.

Applications of plasma cleaning:

  • Removing grease, oil, oxides or silicone
  • Pre-treatment and preparation for bonding, soldering or gluing
  • Pre-treatment for finishing metals


  • Removal of grease, oils, oxidation, fibers
  • Removal of silicons (LABS-free)
  • Pretreatment of surfaces when printing or gluing
  • Pretreatment of surfaces (i.e. metals, plastics) before painting

Industrial Application of Plasma

One of the latest trends Aurica has been working on is research in the field of plasma surface treatment. Industrial use of plasma is a quickly developing and promising area of scientific and technical studies. Plasma is “the fourth state of matter”, ionized gas obtained


Plasma treatment of a plastic surface with e.g. oxygen. Radicals are being formed which lead to a good adhesion of finish and glue. Applications of plasma activation: Pre-treatment of plastics for gluing Pre-treatment of plastics for finishing Treatment before printing Applications: Adhesion pretreatment for plastic