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The sense of hearing is very important in every person’s life. Unlike other analyzers – olfactory, visual, haptic and taste ones – the auditory analyzer is capable of passing to the brain the information on the features of objects, located not only close to the listener, but also in a considerable distance, separated by the obstacles, from the latter. The ability to receive such information in case of danger may become vitally important.

Besides, the sense of hearing allows the process of communication, essential for all living beings in general, and human beings in particular. Hearing impairment – even partial is affecting the person not at once, but gradually – disables that person to enjoy many activities. Among them most types of professional occupations, which people need to earn their living and feel the joy of self-realization, as well as many entertainments. For those people, whose profession is directly connected with the verbal communication, the loss of hearing may become a real tragedy.

Hearing loss (or bradyacusia, as it is called in medicine) also impedes the everyday life of the hearing-impaired person, who faces not only objective challenges (inability to hear clearly the speech addressed to him, to avoid the danger in good time – for example, to hear the signal of the approaching transport), but also subjective ones. The necessity to learn again how to live in the unfamiliar environment and to admit one’s own disability becomes a real challenge, especially for young people. Therefore, hearing loss is a disease that, strictly speaking, does not aggravate the body state but, on the other hand, may cause the emotional death of a person.

The specialists note that recently they have witnessed a constant increase of the number of people suffering from hearing loss (in Russia at least 13 million people are hearing-impaired). It can be caused by a number of factors: the deterioration of ecological situation, influence of industrial noises, stress situations, impact of certain pharmaceutical, industrial and household chemical substances, and carelessness of people about their hearing. For these reasons, nowadays it is of overwhelming importance to concentrate the joint efforts of specialists in the sphere of otolaryngology, audiology and hearing aids production, as well as to unite the efforts of the federal and regional governmental bodies, which have to be focused on the prevention of strengthening of such negative tendencies and the avoidance of their both private and social consequences. It implies a number of measures of diagnostics and compensation for the existing hearing disorders, as well as prevention of such diseases. A special attention must be paid to the diagnostics and correction of hearing loss in young children (for this purpose it is necessary to do the audiologic screening of newborn babies). Early detection of audiologic problems allows avoiding their aggravation in future and enables the children, who faced hearing problems, to keep pace in development and studying with their equals in age.

This section will help you learn more about the reasons of hearing loss, the structure of hearing organs, types of hearing aids and their production.

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Using Hearing Aid Correctly

It is very important to choose a hearing aid properly and adjust it according to the user’s personal needs to compensate the hearing loss successfully. This is a task for a specialist. But the result of the hearing aid’s performance depends on the user much.

Choosing a Hearing Aid

Every person with hearing impairment quite naturally wishes to return to normal life free from any physical or psychological discomfort. Of course even the use of most advanced developments in the sphere of audiology cannot help a person suffering from a hearing impairment completely forget

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