Aurica Ltd. at the EUHA-2019: business tools and out-of-the-box solutions


For Aurica Ltd. 2019 was full of business trips, shows, and international congresses all over Russia and in other countries. One of the most noticeable events of the last year was 64th International Congress & Exhibition EUHA-2019 in Nuremberg, Germany.

10 PRO’s of using two hearing aids


1. Precise sound localization. When hearing aids are used in binaural way, its very easy to pinpoint the sound source and distance to it. 2. Better sound quality. This one you will especially appreciate when in noisy environment or when

Suzdal invites audiologists for a congress


September 10-12 is a time for 8th National Audiologists Congress and 12th international "Modern hearing physiology and pathology problems" simposium, dedicated to relevant issues with diagnostics, curing and rehabilitation of hearing impairment. There are lectures and presentations by world and

Aurica Group has developed a new fitting software – “Atlas”


"Atlas" – is a tool for fitting digital hearing aids. Software features sleek laconic design and intuitive interface. "Atlas" FS boasts an all-new feature: fine fitting for Russian language. Several surveys indicate that to fit a hearing aid correctly for

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