Peer-reviewed study

The Atlas Aurica application is designed to manage Atom hearing aids. To use the app, download it from the App Store and install it. Before using the application, you can review its operation in Demo mode.

To operate with a hearing aid or devices, use the connection points “left”, “right”. The app will show all the devices nearby. Select the Atom hearing aid and connect it. The application will go to the exchange mode with the hearing aid, you will see a rotating circle.

After about one minute, the “Connected” sign will appear on the selected item and light up with a light blue stripe. If you need to connect the second device, go through the previous items in the same way. Then click on the Ready button.

You will go to the hearing aid control interface. You can change the volume, select the control program at the top, find the device, view the report on the use of the hearing aid, go to the application settings, read help and contact support service in it. Below you can see how the screens for these application items look like.

Selection of the program as per the environment. You can think out your own title for this program.

You can view your activity using hearing aids in various programs in graphical or tabular mode.

Change the frequency characteristics of the equalizer and the microphone directivity.

If you have lost it, you can find your device by its last point of use.

Take advantage of our assistance and contact our support service by email

Update the app settings: show notifications about the low battery, enable the function of voice-over prompts, permit audio streaming, go to the settings for changing programs.

Disconnect the connected hearing aids or find them by clicking on the “find devices” button.

Aurica for Arab Heath 2021

Here you can download materials for the exhibition. 1. "Catalog Aurica JET" 2. "Catalog Aurica DOREMI" 3. "Presentation Atlas App" 4. "Сatalog_Atom" 5. "Aurica Hearing 2021" 6. "About Company 2021"

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