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Special-needs Telephones Vibratel

One can’t do without telephone communication in the modern world, and for an elderly person the telephone quite often becomes the only help and means of communication with the outer world. That is why manufacturers design special telephones for physically challenged people – such as Vibratel-24 and Vibratel-26.

What makes Vibratel different from regular telephones is that almost all their functions are modified taking into account the needs of people with impaired vision, hearing or moving ability.


Vibratel telephones feature bigger keys with background lighting, speed dialing and emergency services keys, a remote control etc.


Vibratel telephones are a real blessing for hearing-impaired people: they feature a special receiver compatible with a hearing aid, light indication of incoming calls, smooth adjustment of the receiver volume and the ring volume, as well as a speakerphone mode and an audio slot for connecting a headset or an induction loop. In a word, Vibratel special-needs telephones offer to a hearing-impaired person all the advantages of an up-to-date telephone plus some extra options that can considerably facilitate his or her adaptation to everyday life!