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Induction Loops

Easy Speak

Easy Speak induction loop is a user-friendly auxiliary device specially designed for users of hearing aids.

Easy Speak induction loop transmits sound signal from an audio device directly to the hearing aid.

Easy Speak induction loop creates a magnetic field that transmits the sound signal directly to the hearing aid.

To use the induction loop you should switch your hearing aid into T mode, put the loop around your neck and connect it to an audio device (such as a mobile phone).

Easy Speak makes talking and hearing so easy!


Speak&Go Bluetooth induction loop is a portable wireless device based on the Bluetooth wireless technology.

Speak&Go Bluetooth induction loop is targeted for hearing aids users.

Speak&Go Bluetooth induction loop can be connected to a mobile phone supporting Bluetooth 2.0.

Bluetooth — adapter 2Connect

2Connect Bluetooth-adapter is designed specially for hearing aid users.

By synchronizing 2Connect Bluetooth-adapter and Speak&Go Bluetooth induction loop you can speak over the stationary telephone, communicate by means of IP-telephony through instant messaging programmes, listen to TV or any other sound source (such as a mini-system) via Bluetooth!

Speak&Go and 2Connect kit is the best choice for hearing aid users who can’t imagine their life without information technologies!