The specialists at Aurica company do not only create reliable modern hearing aids, they also know everything about their maintenance. That is why they designed PURELine - a series of products for cleaning hearing aids and earmoulds.

In order to prevent the hearing aid from breaking down its owner should dry it every day in a specialized container using drying capsules. One more tip: the best time to do it is at night! There are also various products in PURELine series for cleaning the outer shell of the hearing aid – such as needles, brushes and loops for cleaning small openings.

Special attention should be paid to the earmould. Most often its failure is caused by earwax or vapour that get into its openings and prevent sound from coming through them. Using specialized PURELine products – a container and tablets for humid cleaning as well as a bulb for blowing small openings – will help you to take appropriate care of the earmould. Remember that timely cleaning of the earmould is crucial for the hearing aid to work without failure. At the same time, it is impossible to give specific instructions concerning the frequency of cleaning: it depends on the individual peculiarities of your body. However, if your hearing aid does not provide the usual intelligibility of speech, the first thing to do is to check its earmould for grease: it can significantly deteriorate the sound quality.

For cleaning ITE hearing aids Aurica recommends PURELine spray – it is efficient and easy to use. Just spray some of the product on a tissue and rub the hearing aid with it. That will ensure ideally thorough cleansing and disinfection.

Today it is easy to get lost in the diversity of cleaning products. To help customers, experts at Aurica united PURELine products into a variety of kits. These include mini-kits that contain all the most necessary products for cleaning hearing aids and earmoulds as well as maxi-kits for full maintenance. Maxi-kits, among other things, include a battery tester and a container for batteries storage – both are very convenient to use at home and when travelling.

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ISO Certificates
ISO Certificates
By the end of this summer Aurica Ltd. applied for two ISO certificates.
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