MaxiVacAn efficient hearing aid provides indispensible help to hearing-impaired people. Today manufacturers offer a stunning variety of modern hi-tech aids with the possibility of the finest customized tuning and a lot of features that can make one’s life with a hearing aid as easy and comfortable as possible.

As a rule, a hearing aid costs quite a lot of money and buying it one expects it to work for quite a long time. Of course, every user of a hearing aid has numerous cleaning proucts at his disposal, but they are by no means as good as professional cleaning!

The best professional care of hearing aids and earmoulds can be provided with MaxiVac – a vacuum cleaning and drying device.

MaxiVac is an appliance specially designed to be used in hearing loss correction centers. It provides fast and careful high-quality cleaning of aids and earmoulds, thus helping to extend the lifetime of a hearing aid and protect it from breakdown caused by excessive greasing.

MaxiVac is a multifunctional, user-friendly and ergonomic device – the best helper you can get in your work!

MaxiVac ensures professional care of a hearing aid!


ISO Certificates
ISO Certificates
By the end of this summer Aurica Ltd. applied for two ISO certificates.
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