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November 11th is Universal Day of Quality!


For the first time the world public celebrated this day in 1989. And six years after ,The European Organization of Quality have announced the second week of November as the week of European week of quality. The goal of the Universal Day of Quality is understanding the significance of high quality of products and services, and also improving the activity which is aimed at attracting attention to a quality problem. We are talking not only about the safety of a person and the environment, but also about the level of satisfaction and expectations of consumers.

The definition of quality is close connected with what we call the benefits of modern civilization , the quality of life which includes preservation of the environment as well as physical health and psychological comfort of a person.

Improving the quality of production is one of Aurica’s priorities. Nowadays , quality is the key to success to any enterprise, and our company strives for producing the highest quality hearing aid that would meet the highest demands.

During the year 2010 ,the contest “Top 100 Russian Goods” was held , and we can proudly inform you that Aurica , presenting Fusion Series (Folk, Blues, Soul) , became a laureate in the “novelty of the year” nomination , and also the winner of the contest , for production of high quality merchandise!

ISO Certificates
ISO Certificates
By the end of this summer Aurica Ltd. applied for two ISO certificates.
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