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Induction Loop in Vnukovo Airport


Airport Vnukovo in Moscow became more comfortable for the hearing-impaired passengers! To increase the level of service for passengers with disabilities Aurica Ltd. has equipped several airport information desks induction panels, so that people with hearing impairments to communicate freely with the staff of the airport, even in the face of strong noise.

The operating principle of the panel is as follows: The voice is made remote or built-in microphone, and the panel with internal amplifier and an induction coil is converted to a radiating electromagnetic field around the bar, which was adopted coil hearing aid. The user just need to switch your hearing aid into the "T" and set a comfortable volume level.Today, many hearing aids into the "T" switch automatically.

For the convenience of passengers in the range of the induction field set the appropriate symbol (icon).

Aurica Ltd. has established itself as a reliable, professional partner, who is the market leader manufacturers and suppliers of technical equipment for the rehabilitation program of the Russian government "Friendly Environment".

ISO Certificates
ISO Certificates
By the end of this summer Aurica Ltd. applied for two ISO certificates.
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