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Online hearing test

Quite often hearing loss develops not momentarily but gradually. First the patient begins to miss out the most quiet, indistinct noises and the slightest shades of sound. That is why often the patient has difficulty saying for sure whether his hearing ability has changed. Often a slight deterioration of hearing ability is paid no special attention - until the moment when the progressing hearing loss begins to cause actual problems in communication.

The risk of developing a hearing loss is higher if:

  • There are hearing impaired people in your family.
  • You have been taking medication that might be damaging to hearing (ototoxic substances).
  • You have diabetes, problems with heart, blood circulation or thyroid gland.
  • You have witnessed an explosion or were exposed for a long time to very loud noise.

Lately you have noticed some of the following:

  • You have difficulty hearing what other people say.
  • You get annoyed at the person you speak with because you can’t hear and understand his or her words properly.
  • You feel awkward meeting new people because you can’t understand what they say to you.
  • You get nervous and strain to make out the sense of somebody’s words.
If you can say at least some of these things about yourself, you should test your hearing as soon as possible. You can do it right now and take an test.


ISO Certificates
ISO Certificates
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