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About Us

Aurica appeared on the market rather a short time ago, but it immediately proved to be a reliable producer of high-quality hearing aids with a wide range of prices and functions, satisfying the needs of the most exacting customers.

The products, Aurica offers to its customers, conform to the highest standards of hearing aids industry. In an effort to satisfy the needs of a wide range of customers, we do our best to update the assortment of products, constantly upgrade the offered products and improve the quality of the provided services.

The hearing aids in the assortment of our company vary considerably both in price and functional characteristics (including the methods of audio signal processing, tuning methods, number of channels, amplification capacity). A wide range of products enables us to help compensate all kinds of hearing impairments.


ISO Certificates
ISO Certificates
By the end of this summer Aurica Ltd. applied for two ISO certificates.
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